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4 New GB03 Cards & 2 Unit Teasers

Posted on 9th July, 2021 at 9:41am CST
Its another Friday so that means more Gate Ruler news! This week we have a livestream which revealed 4 new cards and a website article with 2 new Unit Teasers!

First from the livestream we have the 4 new card reveals: Fell Dragon Priest Zoa, God's Invisible Hand, Vaporization Bomb, and Space Rider, Space Dullahan.

All of these cards seem very useful:
  • Fell Dragon Priest Zoa, a retrain of the original Abyssal Summoner is immune to removal stopping your Summon. It even carries the Betrayer attribute, allowing it to be a Summoner you can discard for Terminus, Dragon of Annihilation
  • God's Invisible Hand gives more room to explore resource intensive Knight/Wizard builds
  • Vaporization Bomb gives Hand rulers a powerful backrow counter of its own similar to the Innocent Heart used in Apprentice
  • Space Rider, Space Dullahan's Enhance allows you to filter a low level Space Peeps or Future Folk with an on-entry or effect into a different one

    In the next stream, which will be next week, the 1st of Set 3's Rulers, "Overlord", will be revealed!

    Next we have the Friday Unit Teaser article, which this time features 2 different units!

    Dark Knight Gododdin
    Illustrator: lack

    Unit Setting

    A mighty Dark Knight summoned from "Makai", another world which is adjacent to Volnar. Normally, Dark Knights are under Vastorus Rex's control, but Gododdin is an old ally of Vastorus's, and is treated as an equal.

    He was once a noble king, but he played with his own destiny, and rebelled against God's will, and in the process committed the crime of turning his blade against his own people. As a result, his soul was darkened.

    Card Design Notes

    A super powerful level 2 unit that will be a trump card for "Dark Knight" decks. It can summon a Dark Knight from the graveyard and control the field with a brand new kind of effect! This card will make Dark Knight into a deck type of its own.

    Biomutant Squad Shark D'etat
    Illustrator: IronPot

    Unit Setting

    The 3rd Squad of the Crimenauts, known as the Biomutant Squad, is a terrifying group that stays unliscensed on an undeveloped planet, and freely spreads the word of the Crimenauts. In the meantime, they are tasked with dispatching poachers and protecting the planet's vegetation. Its a ruthless squad that will happily carry out the villainous act of mercilessly defending nature conservation!

    The elite squad member, Sharkdator, and is very knowledgeable about aquatic life. Contrary to his appearance, he's an intellectual who earned a PhD at Galactic University and is a famous seafood cook. His favorite dish is shark fin soup.

    Rumor has it that there is a secret society in the Crimenauts, and there are constant rumors that one of its members is Sharkdator. However, there are no theories regarding the details of this secret society, or its connections and commonalities, and its believed that cards featuring the "Shark" attribute have nothing to do with it.

    Card Design Notes

    This is the 3rd "Shark" attribute card.

    Aside from that, this new Crimenauts Squad will contain 3 members and 1 Capo. This Squad will be centered around effects that allow the units to be suddenly summoned and will make use of silver bullet tactics (cards that exploit the weaknesses of your opponent's strategy)

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