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Volume 3: Ace of the Cosmos, Assemble!

This set was released on 29th Oct 2021 in English, and on 29th Oct 2021 in Japan.

The 3rd volume Booster Pack of Gate Ruler, the first set to release in both English and Japanese simultaneously!

Introduced in this set:
・Superior Rares, a new rarity for powerful Level 4 units which will be powerful aces for their archetypes
・DR (Damage Reversal), a mechanic that allows you to flip over the cards in your damage as a cost for effects
・Cost Reduction, which allows you to reduce the resource costs of cards by paying an alternative cost

Booster Set Breakdown:
-122 Total Card Types
-★ 47 kinds
-★★ 21 kinds
-★★★ 16 kinds
-★★★★ 17 kinds
-★★★★S 9 kinds
-★★★★L 5 kinds
-6 Rulers
-2 Secrets

- Ruler -





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