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Starter Deck 4: New York Zombiepocalypse

This set was released on 29th Oct 2021 in English, and on 26th Mar 2021 in Japan.

Deck List
GS03-L "K-11 Knight" x1
GS04-L "A-1 Apprentice" x1
GS04-001 "G&G V-3 Lufttiger" x2
GS04-002 "Zombie Rider" x2
GS04-003 "Zombie Kaizer" x2
GS04-004 "Craig, "Breach Busters" Company Captain" x2
GS04-005 "Zombief" x2
GS04-006 "Zombie Soldier" x4
GS04-007 "Security Force Recruit" x2
GS04-008 "Full-Armor Infantry" x2
GS04-009 "Ravenous Zombie" x2
GS04-010 "Zombie Demolitionist" x2
GS04-011 "Zombie Cheerleader" x2
GS04-012 "Mutilated Goblin" x2
GS04-013 "Zombie Scientist" x2
GS04-014 "Zombiepocalypse" x2
GS04-015 "Nutec Industries Laboratory" x2
GS04-016 "Award Commendation" x2
GS04-017 "Rotten Meat Shield" x2
GS04-018 "The Medal of Honor" x2
GS04-019 "The Silver Star" x2
GS04-020 "The Zombie Cannon" x2
GS04-021 "Kamaitachi Joe in New York" x2
GS04-022 "Yomajin New York Assistance Force" x2
GS04-023 "Mechanized Infantry Battalion "Byakuya"" x2
GS04-024 "Yomajin Front Engineer Unit "Inagi"" x2
GE-1 "Resource" x3

- Ruler -


Yomajin Front