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Starter Deck 1: Giant Mechs & Yokai...IN SPACE!

This set was released on 30th Apr 2021 in English, and on 26th Dec 2020 in Japan.

The 1st Starter Deck, released alongside 2020GS02 "Summon the Fell Dragons!" & 2020GB01 "Dawn of the Multiverse Alliance".

No cards in hand!? No costs to play cards!? Unbelievably simple but unimaginably exciting, dominate your opponents with overwhelmingly powerful cards that you get to play for free!

▪ Includes 17 different cards (1-4 copies of each), for a total 51 cards
▪ 1 Rule Sheet
▪ 1 Playmat sheet

This product contains a ready-made deck that can be played right out of the box!

※Does not come in display boxes
1 case contains 10 decks

Deck List
2020GS01-L "1. A - Apprentice" x1
2020GS01-001 "Sky Trooper Type 0 "Sourai"" x3
2020GS01-002 "Exo-Armor Trooper Masuraoh-01" x4
2020GS01-003 "Exo-Armor Trooper "Sakimori"" x2
2020GS01-004 "Joe of the Kamaitachi" x3
2020GS01-005 "Hardsuit Assault Team "Jinrai"" x3
2020GS01-006 "Combat Engineer Unit "Inagi"" x3
2020GS01-007 "Yobuko of the Midnight Watch" x2 (1 in ★★★★ foiling)
2020GS01-008 "Split-Second Counter Strike" x3
2020GS01-009 "Desperate Resistance" x3
2020GS01-010 "Galactic Swordmaster Goldizer" x4
2020GS01-011 "Space Ninja Silverfang" x1
2020GS01-012 "Heddie Headhunter, Syndicate Recruiter" x4
2020GS01-013 "Milky Way Patrol" x2
2020GS01-014 "Space Dullahan" x3
2020GS01-015 "Emergency Fusion NOW!!!" x2
2020GS01-016 "Blaster Cannon" x4
2020GS01-017 "Jaunting" x4

- Ruler -


Yomajin Front