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Posted on 18th July, 2021 at 4:00pm CST
Hello GateRealize readers, this is your usual writer HunterSerge with a quick introduction! In June, thanks to the efforts of Ruminant Moo, our GateRealize discord server ran its first Remote League! This guest article was written by the winner, Jinx Main, all about his winning deck, a Blue/Pink Apprentice Crimenauts build, and his experiences with the June Remote League.

While this article is for the most part exactly what he sent to me, the formatting was modified a bit to display better on the site, and some card nicknames became full names due to how our Quickview link system works.

If you're interested in joining the next Remote League, where Set 2 will be legal, you can sign-up by clicking here!

With that said, enjoy the article!


I named the deck KABLUEY CRIMENAUTS because it’s a Crimenaughts deck that runs blue and the goal of the deck is to blow up your opponent’s field. C:


The goal of this deck is to control the field. Most of the Counter cards deal damage to units. All of them, as well as Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don, are meant to remove cards. The deck directly counters Genesis and Abyss decks by removing the Abyssal and Genesis summoners on touchdown or on effect activation. Getting G&G Armament Factory is what gets the deck going. Effectively, there are 8 G&Gs in the deck. Although, it is still possible to play without getting a G&G out.

There is no healing in this deck. It’s meant to be a fast and aggressive deck. Clear the board with Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don, clear their units with the Counter checks and swing at rulers as often as possible. Of course, who and what you’re attacking is dependent on game state. Generally, it’s a beatstick deck.


As it is an 1. A - Apprentice deck, there’s no real setting up for plays. What you drive is what you get; what you counter check is what you get. There aren’t many big combos as most of the units are just place it down and swing and the event cards mainly deal damage or summon.

One G&G Armament Factory ups the damage on all cards by one. Getting it on the field is what gets it really going. Ex. Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don’s instant action is raised from 2 damage to 3 damage for a total of 6 damage with both charges. ZAPZAPZAP! is increased to 7 damage, it can now take out Vastorus Rex, Fell Dragon Quadrach of Ruin.

Crimenaut Henchman "Badfellas" saves Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don from being destroyed by battle or another ZAPZAPZAP! From test games and tournament games, people tend to either target Badfellas or Malevolus.

Playing Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don over any Crimenauts card triggers Malevolus’ effect of adding that card as a charge for more damage.

Even without getting a Malevolus Prime, Crimenauts Don onto the board, it is still very easy to clear the board. There are enough effects to up and deal damage to clear the board, making it easier to use your units to hit the ruler.


My experience with the Gate Realize Webcam Tourney was pretty fun. Met some great people while playing. There are some issues that arise that come with remote play. My audio input would lag sending to the other player. The opposing player’s video would sometimes freeze as my internet isn’t the greatest. In my last game, there was a significant drop in FPS on my opponent’s video feed but we were still able to play the game to the fullest.

What I really enjoyed about the Gate Realize Webcam Tourney was setting the rounds to 1 week rounds. Everybody’s schedule is different and accommodating to that was definitely key. Contacting my opponents was super easy because of the Discord. Reporting my game records was also super easy. The coordinator took the time to carefully curate this tournament.

All four rounds of the tournament were great. All of my opponents were friendly and speaking for myself, I enjoyed the games we played. I hope they did, too. There were a lot of different decks. I didn’t face the same deck twice, and had one mirror match in my second round.

Would I play again? Of course. This was a smaller tournament consisting of 9 people and I would love to join bigger tournaments with a top cut-off. I’m very happy this opportunity to play came around as LGS aren’t open yet in my area. But even as they open up, I would definitely play again.