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Revealed Art Compilation

Posted on 2nd August, 2020 at 10:45pm CST

Black Knight, Dister

Black Knight, Geist


Captain Omyger

Horror Corps Commander, Gachihorror

Invasion Emperor

Jack the Ripper

Jean Forest, Cait Sith

Moment of Offense and Defense

Kamaitachi Joe

Late-night Police Officer, Yobuko

Magvarius, Dragon Lord of Inferno

Malevolus Prime

Master Future Ed

Photon Torpedo

Raguo the Ushi-oni

Senior Sergeant, Hellkong (version 1)

Sergeant Rampart Elephant (version 1)

Sniper Wolf (version 2)

Space Dullahan

Tallyho Dog

Time-eating Genie

Vampire Soldier, Levan


Black Knight, Riha

Winter General, Mikage

Intelligence Agent, Becky

(name unknown)

Angry Charge

Co-op Tiger Ace (version 1)

Giant Corpse Armor Gashadokuro

Space Ninja Ginga

Nature of Cherry Blossoms

Dragon-type Prototype Battle Weapon "Honoikazuchi"

Tokai Army Armored Unit "Jinrai"

Captain Liberty

Black Kappa, Genkuro

Sergeant Major of the Army, Buster Kong

Dimensional Navigation Ship, ARK

ATLAS Army Normandy Great Exercise


Milky Way Coast Guard

Mr. Dead Language

Final End, Last Dragon the Finale (concept art, 1st draft)

Demon Dragon, Viola Fluvdus (alt art)

Demon Dragon, Viola Fluvdus (normal art)


All Things Must Die

Bullseye Wolf (version 2) [formerly Sniper Wolf]

Champ Tiger (version 2) [formerly Tiger Co-Op Ace]

Rampart Elephant (version 2) [formerly Sergeant Rampart Elephant]

Big Owl

Captain Omyger (version 2)

White Bone Princess

Sky King, Aras

Guibel of Wales

Destiny Sword

Daring Trooper

Universal Robo, Pojimu

Divine Possession

Thousand-Year Cherry Tree

Monster Wolverine

Id Tiger

Imperial Wizard, Shiroi Rhodia

Buster Arm!!

G&G Unmanned Tank, Turret Turtle

The First Dimensional Defense Battle

Great Swordsman, Grand Galac


Yomajin Front Engineer Unit "Inagi"



Space Phantom Recruiter

Space Journalist Christel

Werewolf Warrior

Space Schrodinger's Cat

Blaster Vortex

Fell Dragon Quadrach, Rough Dust King Vastorus Rex

Midas G. Goldberg

Evil Dragon Priest

Win Win

Dark Elf

[Unnamed GS02 card]

Platinum King, Albafort

Edited by HunterSerge on 23rd October, 2020 at 7:14am CST