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[GB03] Gate Ruler Broadcast Station #16

Posted on 14th October, 2021 at 2:32pm CST
Card images in this article can be clicked for a pop-up with expanded details, including its translated effect for cards not yet released in English.

In October 14th's Gate Ruler Broadcast Station, the final two Ruler buffs, for the singleton rulers 8. H - Highlander and 12. L - Legion. For both rulers, the limit was increased from 16 to 20, and the Legend limit was increased from 2 to 3. For 12. L - Legion specifically, the starting hand size was increased from 2 to 3.

In addition, 2 new Wonderverse cards were revealed, including the final ★★★★ of the set. These are the ★★★★ unit Singularity Spirit, Schrödinger and the ★★ event Adriano vs Shadowhand.


As with many previous stream reveals, these new Wonderverse cards are legal for immediate use in Japanese tournaments, until the release date of GB03, via PDF Printouts available on the Japanese site.



GB03's final ★★★★, Singularity Spirit, Schrödinger is an incredibly powerful generic card! A good defensive statline, a discount ability which is the only Damage Reversal 1 printed in the game, giving you 1 resource for half the cost it would normally take. Its defensive statline is made better by its target immunity protecting it from most removal (though not Lucifer, the Lightbringer).

Both its and are valuable abilities too, either one of the cheapest set removal options we've seen, or damage zone set-up for cards like the Minotaur series or Space King Tut, the Forbidden Pharaoh. Both ruler types will even be able to access the other type's ability via the , something 20. T - Trickster will be able to do on demand.

Finally, its free ability, Parallel Familiar, makes it a very versatile card, allowing it to act as fodder for practically any Enhance ability (barring the Dragon ones that ask for a specific level) or fix your damage zone to activate Damage Reversals that ask for specific attributes. This could also be applied to cards like Normandy Joint Military Exercises!

All in all, its a fantastic card with tons of applications!

The other reveal, Adriano vs Shadowhand gives further support to Future Folks and Space Peeps, pushing it further towards the deck featuring a lot of low level units that we've seen before. Just on its face the card is very powerful, being able to grab 2 units for 1 card while carrying the same powerful previously seen on Crimenauts Space Syndicate. However its most notable trait is that it activates the AND abilities of the units it summons, a very notable first. This makes it pair extremely well with Singularity Spirit, Schrödinger, activating both its effects.

One ruling that is currently unclear is whether this will cause a double activation of abilities that are triggered by both and . Assuming it does, however, that gives the card even further very powerful interactions with Masashi Amanogawa, Da Galactic Samurai, Cobra, Space Journalist Krystel, and Minotaur Warrior, Baranik. And beyond the double activations, it enables things like activating Arcane Innovator or more easily triggering Invading Martians's field wipe!

All around a massive boost for this deck type.