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[GB03] Yomajin Front Doctrine

Posted on 15th October, 2021 at 3:34pm CST
Card images in this article can be clicked for a pop-up with expanded details, including its translated effect for cards not yet released in English.

The Japanese daily twitter reveal for October 15th, is a new ★ Yomajin Front event, Yomajin Front Doctrine.


The English reveal for October 14th is the previously revealed Wonderverse ★★★★S, Cosmic Efreet.


Since the final Wonderverse ★★★★, Singularity Spirit, Schrödinger, was revealed in yesterday's stream, the next 5 days of English reveals will be previously revealed cards, though Cobra's English reveal will show us the English name and art for the card. After that we have 089, an unknown Wonderverse ★★★ as our next new English reveal.


Yomajin Front Doctrine fits into both the Martial Skill and Tactics themes we've been seeing recently, clearly intentionally given it specifically supports Warrior and Military, the main attributes of those themes. Defender is a very useful ability, so for a level 0 event that feels like enough, and the ATK buff may allow a unit to clear something it couldn't otherwise. Both themes were rather lacking in good level 0 events, so this is appreciated in both.