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Rule Change: Simplification of Damage

Posted on 24th January, 2023 at 5:04am CST
Experienced players of Gate Ruler know that one of the most complicated things in this game is how the damage works. It used "damage resolution process" - dealt damage was not applied immediately after it is dealt by battle or card effect, but instead a process was added to the gate as a separate entity waiting to be resolved. That led to many unintuitive rulings and situations in the game and was complicated to understand and perform in-game properly. But now, that process is no more.

The new rule manager of Gate Ruler aknowledged that damage resolution process is a complicated and unintuitive way of applying damage, making the game much harder to play and understand. As a result, damage resolution process will be removed in the next revision of the Comprehensive Ruler, and the following changes will be made:
1. When the damage is dealt, it is applied immediately during the resolution of a battle or a card effect.
2. When a card text refers to "the next damage dealt", refer to the next damage that would be dealt during this turn.
3. If there are multiple effects in standby that are to reduce the next damage, apply all of them to the next damage, even if that damage will be excessively reduced.
4. Cards with "Timing: When you or an allied unit is about to be dealt damage." such as "Rite of Redirection" can be used when an attack is declared, immediately before dealing battle damage, and when a card or ability that deals damage is played.

Edited by Orenji_Reiji on 24th January, 2023 at 5:04am CST