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Tournament Support information

Posted on 5th October, 2020 at 4:42pm CST
Today we're going over Ikeda's recent statements about Gate Ruler's plans for tournament support, ranging from the previously discussed general use tournament kits, to store-level tournaments, and large tournaments like the Grand Prix.

Q: How will tournament support be handled?

A: The first Grand Prix will be held shortly after release. We are making plans to allow for a place for casual interaction within the same event.


We are also planning a paid tournament kit that makes it easy to hold small tournaments with a friend group or at a store. Included in the kit are an entry form, participation promos, and the winner's promo.


Q: What should I do if I can't go to a tournament but what the participation promo?

A: The paid tournament kit is a normal product, so it is possible to purchase them individually as a regular product just to get the promo card.

We will be reevaluating whether to continue the tournament kit in this way after the release.


Q: If the tournament kit is sold to the general public, won't reselling become an issue?

A: You shouldn't have to worry about resellers. The problem with resale is that scarcity causes the price to jump, so if the manufacturer continues to print large amounts of the product, reselling will not be profitable.

The other issue caused by reselling is the popularity of promo cards. If the promo is not a staple for competitive play, such as an alternate artwork of an existing card, those problems won't happen at all.

Based on that, I assume if someone purchases kits for resale, it will not be profitable, but as we said before, "We will be reevaluating whether to continue the tournament kit in this way after the release".

In Gate Ruler, if something goes wrong, we will respond immediately to criticisms and resolve the issue. We look forward to your continued guidance.

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In response to a concern about the handling of tournament kits causing there to be no reason to go to tournaments, Ikeda had this to say.

Its the opposite.
The solution for the problems presented by coronavirus is "You can get a promo without attending a tournament".
The tournament is a tournament and worth attending for itself.

Also, I haven't yet announced the promotion that rewards going to the card shop.


We've just been talking about the tournament kit.

Of course, there is a separate official large-scale tournament, the Grand Prix! (isn't that natural?)

Of course, we're also planning a store exclusive tournament to encourage customers to go to card shops.

Some people may as "what is a tournament kit?", since it may not be understand by modern Duel Masters CS attendees.

If you're a board gamer, you know. I think its not necessary to explain since it is already understood by people who see its use. (Not everyone has to understand) It doesn't even need to sell.

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I've explained the tournament kit, but of course there is also an official large tournament, the Grand Prix, that will be separate. We'll be doing more Grand Prix to meet the demands of users, but to start, the first one will be held shortly after release.
We're also planning a store exclusive tournament.


Q: What kind of Winner's promo can we expect from the Grand Prix?

A: Look forward to the release, but we're thinking of things like a Ruler made in laser cut metal, or alternate artworks of popular cards.


Its okay to do something like a $1000 Amazon gift card as a tournament prize, but when you attract people who are just there for the prizes, it may become harder to enjoy for casual fans. However, it may be possible to prepare a separate isolated space for those people.

In fact, the reason the tournament can become an unpleasant environment is because the prize is large. On the other hand, at Bushiroad TCG events you have the opposite problem of "even if you win, you don't gain anything" and most people play purely for the sense of accomplishment and honor. That's why there's few desperate people and there are few unpleasant interactions at the tournament. Duel Masters used to be the same, but as the tournament prizes increased, there are places where tournaments became an unpleasant environment, like Yu-Gi-Oh! was 5 or 6 years ago. While more competitive players are enticed by the prizes to attend tournaments, casual players get pushed away from Duel Masters tournaments.

What is Gate Ruler aiming for?
Well, the people who aim for tournament prizes are not the main customers, its a TCG for adults who can afford it and say "I want a TCG to have fun". However, on the contrary, "this is an event for competitive players, not for casuals". There might be a tournament where you can win Amazon gift cards to make its target audience clear and isolate the two groups from each other. The ultimate goal of Gate Ruler is to combine casual and competitive players, but it may be best to have a cushion between them.

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Q: Are you planning to create highly competitive tournaments?

A: Because it is a tournament, you need to be able to make a real profit. We are considering whether we could hold tournaments with Amazon gift cards as prizes, but if we do lean towards competition, that will increase the amount of cheaters, and those who want casual fun will become excluded.

We'd like to find a way for both competitive and casual players to enjoy themselves. The goal is to create an environment that satisfies both "players who enjoy Gate Ruler as a hobby and want casual fun" and "players who see Gate Ruler as a competition and want to win". Though in some cases, separation may be necessary.

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