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Fan-made English Proxies

Posted on 24th October, 2020 at 12:40am CST
We at Gate Realize have started putting together fan-made English proxies so that when November 27th hits, English players will be more easily able to test, learn, and show others the game in the 1-2 month gap before the English release. This article will serve as a place to collect those and will be continually updated as new proxies are made.

Thank you to Toolbox24 for making the templates used for these.

2020TD01 - Free Distribution Starter Deck

2020GS01 - Starter Deck 1 "Youkai & Giant Robo"

2020GS02 - Starter Deck 2 "Demon Dragon Summoning"

2020GB01 - Booster Pack 1 - "Earth & Another World Alliance Formed!"

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