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Fan-made English Proxies

Posted on 24th October, 2020 at 12:40am CST
We at Gate Realize put together fan-made English proxies so that our English readers can learn, teach, and test the game as we wait for the English release. This article will serve as a place to post the links to google drive folders with the proxies, as well as printsheets for pre-constructed decks.

Thank you to Toolbox24 for making the templates used for these.

English Proxy Google Drive [DISCLAIMER: A few cards from GB01 and GPR are currently missing, but all of those are cards also found in another set. Proxies with their GB01/GPR set code and flavor text will be added in the near future.]

Print Sheets

Demo Deck English Print Sheet

Demo Deck Expanded Card Pool English Print Sheet

GS01 "Youkai & Giant Robo" English Print Sheet

GS02 "Demon Dragon Summoning" English Print Sheet
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