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Magvarius Full Effect Reveal!

Posted on 12th November, 2020 at 9:57pm CST
Before we get into today's article, our Fan-made English proxies have recently been updated with many more recent cards.

Magvarius, Dragon Lord Pentarch of Inferno
Card Number: GPR-4
Faction: Volnar
Card Type: Unit
Level: 3
Attribute(s): Dragon, Dragon Lord, Fire
Attack: 7
HP: 7
Strike: 3
Effect: [CNT] Use the "Flame Punisher" ability of this.
  • "Flame Punisher" When this enters the field, choose 1 or more enemy units and allocate damage among them equal to the number of cards in your damage zone.
    Flavor Text: His body and mind are always filled with heat. Card Name & Setting by Harada Shunta.
    Attendees of the user presentation, pre-sale, and organized play event on December 10th will get a promo version of the strongest Legend card, "Magvarius, Dragon Lord Pentarch of Inferno"! (It is a normal version that is not foil, though on the other hand it will be very rare!)


  • The cover card of Set 1, Magvarius, has finally been fully revealed! We were told way back when the game was first announced that the card would destroy enemy cards based on the damage you'd taken, and this certainly lives up to that! In the second half of the game, Magvarius seems easily capable of wiping entire fields, and in the very late stages of the game is capable of taking out the largest of Level 3s, such as itself and Vastorus Rex.

    Its an insanely strong card that does not need to be explained. The power level that could destroy a game if it wasn't a limited to 1 copy Legend Card.

    In addition, there will be a method to special summon this guy by searching the deck. Its usage rate among Legends will be #1 or #2. (At least in the early days...)

    If you buy a box, you will get 2 Legend Cards, and you only need 1 copy...but you may not always get Magvarius. You can get it guaranteed by coming to the presale event on December 10th. Its a weekday, but I hope you can still attend.

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    Gate Ruler sleeves are being prepared.
    "Wonderverse Character Set", "Busterkong", and several others are under development. The price is planned to be about 750 yen. (These designs are in progress)

    The ultra luxury sleeve of "Magvarius" for several thousand yen that I am planned will take some time to make.


    Johan, a genius wizard who learned Volnar's magical technique "Abyss Summon" despite being an earthling. In fact, he is Midas Goldberg's son-in-law.

    "Its possible, dad, but the world might not want it."
    "I want it. My son."

    Both are included in the Starter Deck "Demon Dragon Summoning".


    Invitation of Strength