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Full Set 1 Reveal! Set 2 Teaser!

Posted on 11th December, 2020 at 5:55pm CST
Before we get into the news, a few updates:

  • The construction rules for Apprentice, Highlander, and Knight are up on the official site and our Translated Rules page has been updated with them.
  • The Gate Ruler OCTGN Plugin is up to date on the complete card list from GB01, including the new Promo Card "Bunbuku Chagama". Learn how to set it up here.
  • We have made English Proxies for all available cards. Check our English Proxies page for links to the Google Drive with all the images, as well as Print Sheets for the Demo Deck, Expanded Card Pool, and the 1st two Starter Decks.

    The final influencer reveal brings us Yomajin Front Legend Unit "Oni the Island Captain, Kinomiya Kouga"!

    Oni the Island Captain, Kinomiya Kouga
    Card Number: 2020GB01-063 ★★★★L
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 3
    Attribute(s): Oni the Island, Keyman, Warrior
    Attack: 4
    HP: 3
    Strike: 2
    Effect: [CNT] Use the [OD] of this.
    [TD] [OD] "Destiny of the Radiant Gate Ruler" Choose 1 card from your deck, shuffle your deck, and put the chosen card on top of your deck.
    Flavor Text: A Gate Ruler Yomajin Front and who leads the demons according to the old contract. A true hero of justice who cuts down the mad family head "Tsukasa the Oni".

    A very powerful Legend, able to set up anything you choose! Play it to guarantee a CNT on your 1st damage next turn, check it as last damage to set up combos, use it as a 2nd copy of your other Legend! The options with Kouga are endless. However, since its combos mostly play into Apprentice strategies, you're a bit dependent on timing. Get Kouga at the wrong time and it can turn out to be one of the least impactful Legends as well, the cost of being so versatile.

    Next, we move into reveals Ikeda posted on twitter leading up to the pre-sale!

    Woman Tengu, Mizukaze
    Card Number: 2020GB01-079 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 2
    Attribute(s): Apparition, Wind
    ATK: 3
    HP: 1
    STK: 2
    Effect: "Falcon" All your «Apparition» get [Defender].
    Flavor Text: "As an observer, I was asked for my opinion, as I was a folklorist before the fall. Its impossible that the hypothesis that "youkai are information creatures" would be accepted so easily." - Folklorist writer, Yukiji Tono

    Hundred-eyed Spirit
    Card Number: 2020GB01-084 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Apparition
    Attack: 2
    HP: 1
    Strike: 1
    Effect: [OD] "Parade of Hundred Demons Lv0" Look at the top card of your deck, and if it's a Level 0 or less «Apparition» unit, you may Drive it. If you do not Drive it, put it on the bottom of the deck.
    Flavor Text: In order to reward the youkai who complained "We are also Japanese people! Let us join the army and fight!", the cabinet established a special national law.


    Mizukaze is a game changer for Apparition! Units like Sakura no Sei, Raguo, and Gashadokuro are all very good in the defensive zone, so being able to turn them all into Defenders with this card is incredibly powerful. With this reveal, it seems Apparitions are set up to synergize with Yomajin's powerful combat tricks.

    Hundred-eyed Spirit on the other hand is another Apparition card that allows you to swarm the board, which they've gotten plenty of. Compared to Tenrou, Spirit won't go off quite as often, but Spirit is also extremely light on your level limit, which seems stronger overall.

    Special Nationality Law (Law of Youkai)
    Card Number: 2020GB01-075 ★★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 2
    Attribute(s): History
    Effect: [CNT] Play this.
    Use Timing: Normal (During the main phase of your turn, play this from hand, set it and play it, or play it when you drive)
    ■ Recover 1 life.
    Flavor Text: A landscape with youkai. Occasional Exvader attacks. Even such extraordinary things will be accepted as the new normal. That may be the strength of people.


    A straightforward healing card. While we've seen other similar CNTs, this one will recover 2 life every single time you damage it, which could make it a valuable choice.

    Supply Unit "Aburuma"
    Card Number: 2020GB01-090 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Warrior, Military, Robo
    ATK: 2
    HP: 2
    STK: 1
    Effect: [OD] You may look at the top card of your deck, and set any card that can be set. If you do not set it, put it on the bottom of your deck.
    Flavor Text: Many members of the transport unit are also private carriers. They run to protect people's lives at all times and to protect people's lives during the war.


    A Level 0 Robo! More targets to start up Emergency Combination are important, so our eyes were peeled for any Level 0 Robo to help boost that count without increasing Level Limit, to the point where even a vanilla would do. But it wasn't a vanilla, it was a clone of Yobuko, a very powerful card that gives further consistency to setting up Emergency Combination! The best card Robo could've asked for!

    Invitation of Strength
    Card Number: 2020GB01-091 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Combat Technique, Magic
    Effect: Use Timing: Immediate (Set this, and you may play it at any time)
    ■ Choose 1 ally unit, and it gets ATK+2, HP+2 until end of turn.
    Flavor Text: Great power, stay within me. Power of the people, manifest in me.

    The First Dimensional Defense Battle
    Card Number: 2020GB01-081 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 1
    Attribute(s): History
    Effect: Use Timing: Set this, and you may play it when an ally unit is attacked.
    ■ Choose 1 ally unit, and it gets ATK+2 and [Intercept] until end of battle. (When a unit with [Intercept] is attacked, deal damage equal to the ATK of the unit with [Intercept] to the attacking unit before combat damage calculation.)
    Flavor Text: With the fall of the Destiny Sword, the Exvaders emerged. Alongside reinforcements from another world that appeared at the same time, humans repelled the first Exvaders attack. Its been a few years since then.


    Invitation of Strength is a clone of ATLAS's Desperate. However, it feels unlikely that this see too much use, given all the other options for combat tricks in Yomajin.

    First Dimensional Defense Battle, on the other hand, is incredibly powerful! Its the 1st of 2 Intercept granting Yomajin events, which is plenty strong. No CNT limit on such a powerful effect, in contrast with All Things Must Die, and in comparison to the later one, trades being 1 level higher for giving ATK+2. Which you'll use will depend on how high the ATK on your units is by default, though of course running both will be viable for any deck that wants redundancy in this effect.

    All Sides Purification
    Card Number: 2020GB01-082 ★
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 1
    Attribute(s): Magic
    Effect: [CNT] Play this.
    Use Timing: Normal (During the main phase of your turn, play this from hand, set it and play it, or play it when you drive)
    ■ Choose 1 field card or set card, and destroy it.
    Flavor Text: Onigaki family. A family that has isolated the demon world and have magically protected Kyoto in secret for generations. They have a two-sided relationship with the Kinomiya family.


    The final Yomajin Front card from GB01 is an incredibly unique tool! All other backrow removal has been Level 2 or higher, so our MST equivalent here being Level 1 is incredibly good. Its also able to remove Fields, and gets that strong disruptive effect as a CNT as well!

    Invasion Emperor
    Card Number: 2020GB01-093 ★★★★L
    Faction: Wonderverse
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 3
    Attribute(s): Crimenauts, Hero
    ATK: 2
    HP: 1
    STK: 1
    Effect: [CNT] Use the [OD] of this.
    [OD] "Charisma Wave" Choose 1 level 2 or lower enemy unit, and take control of it.
    Flavor Text: A mysterious monster who claims to be the Emperor of Quiet Space was accepted as a member of the Crimenauts. You can feel the sympathy in his head design.


    The final GB01 Legend Card! While it can't hit any unit, like other removal Legends such as Magvarius, Blaster Vortex, or Omyger can, but the type of removal he gets is way stronger, able to take it for themselves. In a lot of scenarios, this will probably be enough to clear your opponent's board, and will often give you a completely full board. Being a Crimenauts, that archetype gets special consistency at using Emperor, and since he himself remains on your field, unlike Recruiter, he acts as additional fodder for Malevolus Prime.

    Sky Soldier Type-0 "Sorai"
    Card Number: 2020GS01-001
    Card Type: Unit
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Level: 2
    Attribute(s): Military, Robo
    ATK: 4
    HP: 4
    STK: 2
    Effect: [Defender] (At the end of your attack phase, you may move it from the offensive zone to the defensive zone.)
    Flavor Text: "It can be said that the development of the aerial mobile weapon "Sky Soldier" finished just in the nick of time for the first invasion by the Exvaders. Did the Mikado Cabinet foresee the invasion?" - Reportage Writer, Robata Tamotsu

    Milky Way Coast Guard
    Card Number: 2020GS01-013
    Faction: Wonderverse
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Futuremen, Military
    ATK: 2
    HP: 2
    STK: 1
    Effect: [CNT] Choose 1 enemy unit, and rest it.
    Flavor Text: I found a drifter. He would be the first customer from earth. Of course, he doesn't have a passport. For the time being, its being treated as illegal immigration.


    Two of the remaining GS01 cards! Sorai is super exciting, beyond just being a generic, higher level Defender unit with well-balanced stats, being a Robo is also very good. With Emergency Combination, Sorai can gain charges and Charge Shield along with it, allowing it to be an even more potent Defender.

    Coast Guard isn't anything incredible, but its CNT is decently strong, and being a Level 0 it won't strain the Level Limit to include it.

    Next up, the set fully dropped at the pre-sale! Thank you to the compiled card lists on TCG Blog Life and Super Solenoid, as well as TCG Blog Life's article on the Secret card.

    Let's talk about that Secret card first!

    Hellfire of Magvarius
    Card Number: 2020GB01-S ???
    Faction: Volnar
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 3
    Attribute(s): Dragon, Fire
    Effect: [CNT] Choose 1 enemy unit in an attack zone, and destroy it.
    Use Timing: Normal
    ■ Destroy all level 2 or lower enemy units in attack zones.
    Flavor Text: Not only what you want to do, but also what you should do for the reason of the world. That's what determines how a king should act.

    A 3rd Legend card for Volnar! In most ways, it ends up as an inferior Blaster Vortex, being unable to remove Level 3s, but its CNT is quite powerful in contrast to Blaster Vortex's complete lack of a CNT. Overall though, cards like Magvarius or Omyger fill its role overall much better. However, one thing to note is, unlike Blaster Vortex, there's no specification of front row, so this is a card that could become much more powerful when we get Rulers that modify what zones you get and where.

    Ikeda had mentioned in the past that there'd be a rarer Secret, meant to invoke that feeling from early Yugioh of just wanting to pull a Blue-eyes. The pull rate isn't known yet, but some posts have implied its 1 per master case. While that would be far from ideal, I don't think that 1 particularly expensive card that you can only run 1 copy of is a big problem. Especially since this card is in no way a must-have Legend. This could start becoming more of an issue over time, if one of these ??? cards is in every set, but even that scenario could be fixed by reprinting the ??? card in the next Booster Pack. For now, we just have to wait and see what happens with Set 2 in regards to these ??? cards.

    One last note regarding the rarity is that having such a hard to pull chase card will do a good job of encouraging stores to open for singles, and help lower the cost of other cards across the board.

    Yomajin Front Engineer Unit "Inagi"
    Card Number: 2020GS01-006
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Military
    ATK: 2
    HP: 2
    STK: 1
    Effect: All your «Military» get HP+1.
    Flavor Text: "Inagi". A war word that means a simple defensive wall woven from herbs.

    The 1st of 2 remaining GS01 cards. Inagi is the first card to make Military matter, and potentially begin creating Military as an archetype. While 1 HP doesn't seem like much, that can make very large differences, especially on units like "Sorai" and "Aramisaki", and when combined with Yomajin's powerful combat tricks.

    Moment of Offense and Defense
    Card Number: 2020GS01-008
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Combat Technique
    Effect: Use Timing: Set this, and you may play it when an ally unit is attacked.
    ■ Choose 1 ally unit, and it gets [Intercept] until end of battle. (When a unit with [Intercept] is attacked, deal damage equal to the ATK of the unit with [Intercept] to the attacking unit before combat damage calculation.)
    Flavor Text: Since Destiny Day, there have been no major attacks by the Exvaders, but out of sight of the people, the evil god has been growing.

    As mentioned earlier, this is the 2nd Intercept giving Yomajin Event. Most of what was said about First Dimensional Defense Battle applies here, but this will probably be more common, given its a Level 0.

    Black Knight, Dister
    Card Number: 2020GB01-020 ★
    Faction: Volnar
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 1
    Attribute(s): Warrior, Traitor, Darkness
    ATK: 4
    HP: 3
    STK: 2
    Flavor Text: Can you communicate with an evil soul? Many black knights form friendships with their evil dragons.

    On to the remaining 3 GB01 cards! Dister is the last Darkness card, but unfortunately does not seem very good. Its HP isn't particularly good, and its ATK doesn't hit the valuable and rare 5 ATK threshold.

    Card Number: 2020GB01-024 ★
    Faction: Volnar
    Card Type: Event
    Level: 1
    Attribute(s): Magic
    Effect: [CNT] Choose 1 enemy set card or field card, and destroy it.
    Use Timing: Set this, and you may play it when your opponent plays a level 1 or lower event.
    ■ Negate that event.
    Flavor Text: Almost all modern weapons of the Yomajin Front stopped working due to the phenomenon called "the rules of the world". However, to a member blessed with magical power, that was not the case. "In short, magic is to impose your rules on the world."

    On the other hand, Dispel seems very good! Its event negation effect is able to stop every combat trick in the game, and is also able to stop the low cost removal events like Suppression Fire which can be a menace to the Summoning decks of Volnar. Its CNT is also very good, being one of only two cards that can do this removal on CNT, alongside All Sides Purification.

    Senior Soldier, Tallyho Dog
    Card Number: 2020GB01-057 ★
    Faction: ATLAS
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Military, Wild Force
    ATK: 2
    HP: 2
    STK: 1
    Effect: [Intercept] (When this is attacked, it deals damage equal to its ATK to the attacking unit before combat damage calculation.)
    Flavor Text: Busterkong! Get us on the battlefield as often as you can!

    The final ATLAS card for GB01! The last member of the Wild Force. Tallyho inherently carries the powerful [Intercept] keyword, a trait only shared currently with Level 1 unit Selkirk Cait Sith. Being Military, unlike Selkirk, he is able to also benefit from all the powerful toolbox events the attribute has gotten, as well as Inagi's HP buff.

    Courtesy of this opening video we now have the decklists for both Starter Decks.

    GS01 "Youkai & Giant Robo" Deck List
    1 A-1 Apprentice
    3 Sky Soldier Type-0 "Sorai"
    4 Land Warfare Expansion Weapon, Masurao 1st Machine
    2 Land Warfare Expansion Weapon "Guardian"
    3 Kamaitachi Joe (rarely, 1 will come foil)
    3 Yomajin Front Armored Unit "Jinrai"
    3 Yomajin Front Engineer Unit "Inagi"
    2 Late-night Police Officer, Yobuko (1 foil)
    3 Moment of Offense and Defense
    3 Do-or-die Defense Battle
    4 Galactic Swordsman, Grand Galac
    1 Space Ninja, Ginga
    4 Space Phantom Recruiter
    2 Milky Way Coast Guard
    3 Space Dullahan
    2 Emergency Combination!
    4 Blaster Cannon
    4 Warp!

    GS02 "Demon Dragon Summoning" Deck List
    1 K-11 Knight
    3 Energy
    2 Vastorus Rex, Fell Dragon Quadrach of Rough Dust (1 foil)
    4 Priest of Demonic Dragon (rarely, 1 will come foil)
    3 Deathsallier
    3 Follower of Demonic Dragon
    3 Black Knight, Geist
    2 Black Knight, Riha
    3 Army of Darkness
    4 Absolute Barrier
    4 Dark Djinn
    3 Nosferatu Army
    4 Unusually Talented, Johan
    2 Midas G. Goldberg
    4 Jack the Ripper
    3 Dökkálfar
    3 Ironstorm
    1 Win Win
    2 Make a Killing

    The rare foils of Joe and Priest was confirmed in this Ikeda tweet.

    Next up, we have the presentation stream from the Pre-sale event! Thank you to Super Solenoid for their summary article and to Muu Inanaku for translating in real time in our discord.

    Bunbuku Chagama
    Card Number: GPR-7 PR
    Faction: Yomajin Front
    Card Type: Unit
    Level: 0
    Attribute(s): Apparition
    ATK: 3
    HP: 3
    STK: 0
    Effect: [OD] This gets [Defender] until end of turn. (A unit with [Defender] may be moved to the defensive zone at the end of your attack phase.)
    Flavor Text: Even youkai are living beings.

    The 1st shop tournament participation promo. The Winner's prize is a print of Honoikazuchi with the High Rarity frame.

    A new commercial was also shown for the first time in the presentation.

    Next up are teasers for the 2nd set!

    New Name Contest

    Card scheduled to be released in the 2nd booster pack.

    "Galactic Swordsman, _____"

    This card was stated to be a level 2.

    Name & Setting Contest for a new Female Knight unit drawn by lack.

    lack will be holding a live painting of the unit.

    Gate Ruler Music Grand Prix

    Selection Period: December 10th - January 20th

    Prize Money will be given for each theme

    1. Main Theme
    2. Battle Theme
    3. Volnar Theme
    4. ATLAS Theme
    5. Yomajin Front Theme
    6. Wonderverse Theme

    Grand Prize: 100,000 yen (about $1000 USD)
    Selection Prize: 30,000 yen (about $300 USD)

    More details will be available on the official site

    Gate Ruler Video Grand Prix

    16 influencers will compete in a video series starting on January 1st, 2021!

    2nd wave of Influencer Program recruitment has begun!

  • Virtual Duel Space with all cards for testing & recording
  • Official image and video download rights
  • Recruitment for appearance in official videos

    We will support your activities related to Gate Ruler

    Emails will be sent out by December 19th

  • In the last wave, an English influencer was accepted, so we advise interested English influencers to fill out the google form.

    Next we have a preview art for Set 2 from each faction!


    Final End, Last Dragon the Finale

    Name + Setting by O Five


    ATLAS Army Air Force Major Velma


    Four Futuremen

    Yomajin Front

    Pure Order


    Eldritch God, Hastur

    Next is info from Ikeda's stream this morning!

    Most of the stream Ikeda talked about recommended builds and ratios.

    Recommended ratio for Apprentice:

    6 level3s
    8 level2s
    16 level1s
    20 level0s

    2 level3s
    12 level2s
    20 level1s
    16 level0s

    Ikeda also recommends Knight build around 50 level, though the costs of level 3 CNTs can be ignored.

    Recommended decks for set 1:

    Volnar ATLAS Abyssal Summon
    Volnar Yomajin Genesis Summon
    Yomajin ATLAS Military
    WV Yomajin Robo
    Volnar WV Beast
    Volnar Yomajin Beast
    Yomajin ATLAS Apparition
    Yomajin WV Apparition
    ALTAS WV Burn
    ATLAS Yomajin Burn
    WV Yomajin Control
    Wild Force

    Three new arts that Ikeda showed at the end of the stream! While clearly distinct in design, the last 2 artworks feature a dragon very similar to Buddyfight's Jackknife Dragon, and the last artwork features a creature similar to Buddyfight 100's Hyakugan Yamigedo.

    The Starters released this time are quite strong, but the ones we're releasing in spring will be even more serious.

    Currently being adjusted.

  • With the Dragon King (Dragon deck)
  • New York Zombie Incident (Designed for America, features Military and Zombie attributes)


  • Among the developers its said "All the Legends are strong, but if you had to raise one up as the strongest, it'd be either Captain Liberty or Invasion Emperor", and I agree.

    As for the Legends who seem weak "With Gate Ruler, you can't understand until you use it"

    We recommend you engrave that saying into your heart! (I thought it many times)


    Lastly, one Japanese shop, run by one of the official influencers, has put up initial singles prices. Feel free to look around the site for yourself, but the summary of prices in broad strokes are:

    Normal Pack
    Uber Rares: 3000-9500 yen
    ★★★★L: 1200-2500 yen
    ★★★★: 400-2700 yen
    ★★★: 150-600 yen
    ★★: 50-100 yen
    ★: 30-50 yen

    High Rarity Pack
    ★★★★L Uber Rares: 4000-7000 yen
    ★★★★: 600-3200 yen
    ★★★: 200-900 yen
    ★★: 100-400 yen
    ★: 100-400 yen
    Starter Deck: 100-500 yen

    And the list of Uber Rares is as follows:
  • Demon Dragon, Viola Fluvdus
  • Platinum King, Albafort
  • Abyss Master, Aligieri
  • Imperial Wizard, Shiori Rhodia
  • Sergeant Major of the Army, Busterkong
  • Shadow of Hades
  • Alice of the Holy War World
  • Intelligence Agent, Becky
  • Giant Armor Gashadokuro
  • Kamigakari
  • Dragon-type Battle Weapon "Aramisaki"
  • Thousand Year Cherry Tree
  • Great Leader, Malevolus Prime
  • Tiger of Id
  • Space Knights of the Round Table, Space Arthur
  • White Bone Princess

  • Sky King, Aras
  • Primary Armored Unit, Victor
  • Sakura no Sei
  • Schrodinger's Cat

  • The 4 URM Uber Rares, which are all ★★★, have a different treatment, where they're completely greyscale, unlike the others who keep the color in the focus character, and only put the background in greyscale.

    As should've been expected, Gashadokuro, Thousand Year Cherry Tree, and ZAPZAPZAP! are particularly expensive, being splashable and powerful ★★★★ cards. All the other ★★★★ cards are 1500 yen or less.

    Also, as I had hoped, the High Rarity pack prints of the Starter Deck cards make for a good alternative to getting the Starters themselves, and will make those cards far more available on the secondary market. The only one more expensive than 300 yen being Grand Galac.
    Edited by HunterSerge on 11th December, 2020 at 5:56pm CST