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English Release Updates

Posted on 28th December, 2020 at 12:19pm CST
Last night, Ikeda talked in the GateRealize discord about the English release, and giving us updates on when to expect it.

This last we'd heard of the English release placed in 2 months after the Japanese release, which would've been late February, but unfortunately its had to be delayed further to launch in April. Regardless, updates on when it can be expected are nonetheless appreciated.

Regarding the comment "For now, I'm thinking of playing with a mixture of English and Japanese versions" while this can be interpreted as allowing mixed languages, we would advise readers to not jump to that conclusion, as the statement could just as easily mean Ikeda intends to personally play with both English and Japanese decks. It would, however, be unsurprising if mixed language is allowed, considering the intention for simultaneous releases and the similar pricing of the Japanese product to standard English TCG pricing. In addition to that, the free card pool plans take risks similar to those that scare many TCG companies away from allowing mixing languages, which makes it easy to believe Ikeda is willing to deal with that risk.

The other note from this message is the mention of "other language" versions. Previously, we had only heard of Japanese, English, and Chinese versions, but its exciting to hear that there will be even more language versions than that!

After the previous message, I asked Ikeda that, since the original plan was simultaneous releases, is there was any plans to speed up the English release to allow it to catch up.

As it turns out, there is! Set 2 and 3's releases will be sped up to get Set 4 releasing simultaneous.

That said, I do think that might be a bit too fast. In Japan, Set 2 would be March, Set 3 would be June, and Set 4 would be September. If English releases were every 2 months until we catch up, that'd be Set 1 in April, Set 2 in June, and Set 3 in August, but would require gaps even shorter than 2 months somewhere in there to allow for English Set 4 in September. So, that said, I think its fine if Set 4 wasn't simultaneous yet. Set 4 releasing in October in English would be close enough to allow for a true World Finals in late 2021, and have us fully caught up and simultaneous on Set 5's December 2021 release.

Regardless of all of it, its fantastic to hear that despite the delayed English release, within the year we will be simultaneous, as originally planned!
Edited by HunterSerge on 28th December, 2020 at 9:04pm CST