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Release Weekend Tournament Results

Posted on 28th December, 2020 at 9:05pm CST
With the game's full release in Japan, tournaments at local game stores have now begun! Every week we will do an article covering tops from that week, Monday through Sunday. However, since this is the first weekend, and the game obviously did not release on a Monday, we will just be covering the Weekend's results.

Local Tournament Results: December 26th to 27th, 2020

Yu Vic Nakano Store

Date: December 26th, 2020
Participants: ?
Winner: Junki's "Red-Pink Kamigakari Goodstuff"


The pilot of the above list also posted a tournament report on twitter.

Official Shop Tournament at Yu Vic Nakano Store
Used: Kamigakari and co.
Round 1: vs Blue-Pink Knight (Win)
Round 2: vs Blue-Pink Knight (Win)
Round 3: vs Altitude Sickness(?) Red-Pink Masurao (Win)

I did it!!


Another participant of the Yu Vic Nakano Store tournament also posted their list.

I will post the deck I used in today's tournament!
[2 Wins 1 Loss]
Its an OWL deck that focuses on Guibel.

Normandy Exercise is key!

It was really fun today!!
I cut the Abyssal Summoners. Neither Aligieri nor Johan is used. ▶︎ Instead I added a lot of Military and chose "Normandy Exercise". Because it can grab Liberty, Normandy is smoked silver.

(Sources: 1 2)

The tournament report was also posted.

I appeared at the Yu Vic Gate Ruler tournament!
☆First time in my life☆ at a card game tournament, so I was worried, but everyone was kind and I made great memories!

[Deck Used: Guibel]
Swiss Format
Round 1: vs Malevolus Prime [Win]
Round 2: vs Robo [Lose]
Exhibition: vs Abyssal Summoning [Win]


Full Comp Nipponbashi

Date: December 26th, 2020
Participants: ?
Winner: mizu's "Everyday Haunting"
Winner's Comment: 4 Haunting Strongest Throw!


Card Kingdom Nanba

Date: December 26th, 2020
Participants: 8
Winner: Hiroki
Winner's Comment: "You can't cancel Tiger!"


The winner, Hiroki, who also played in the Full Comp Nipponbashi, posted a tournament report for both events.

Today's Gate Ruler results

Card Kingdom Nanba store
Full Comp Osaka Nipponbashi store
Thank you very much!

Beast deck 3 rounds 3 wins 0 losses
Genesis Summoning deck 3 rounds 2 wins 1 loss

Beast deck is strong!
The problem with the Genesis Summoning deck has become apparent, so I will rebuild it!
I have to think after playing


Everyday Crime Cup

Date: December 26th, 2020
Participants: 14
Format: Swiss, Best of 3
Winner: Origin


The runner-up of the Everyday Crime Cup also posted their list.

Everyday Crime Cup!
I managed to win 2nd place~
The deck was [PR Junk]!!

Believe me


Card Kingdom Tokushima

Date: December 27th, 2020
Participants: 8
Winner: Yuri


The runner-up at Card Kingdom Tokushima also posted their results.

I played in the official tournament at Card Kingdom Tokushima!!

I used a Haunting Robo deck! At the end of the 3rd round of swiss, I had 2 wins and 1 loss! Unfortunately, runner-up!

At the end, I never thought I'd lose to Highlander! I wonder what the theory behind Highlander's strength is??


Shiranui Card & Food Salon

Date: December 27th, 2020
Participants: ?
Winner: Larg's "You said you'd come to hand, Liar Moon!"
Store's Comment: The final match was a fiercely hot same-color showdown that showed off the power of Exvaders hard removal.


Tiny Frontier

Date: December 27th, 2020
Participants: 4
Winner: Talisman
Winner's Comment: "Let's all use Knight!"


Lastly, we have this report from an unknown tournament.

The Red-Pink Apprentice I played today
Exchange Meeting 10 wins 3 losses
Official Tournament 3 wins 1 loss

Yellow-Pink Beast (Win)
Red-Pink Goodstuff (Lose)
Blue-Pink Malevolus Prime (Win)
Yellow-Pink Beast (Win)

Mr. Dead Language and Kamigakari are strong!!

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