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Set 2 Pull Rate Updates

Posted on 5th February, 2021 at 6:31pm CST
The official website has published a new article explained the updated pull rates in the 2nd Booster Pack "Evil God Advent".

About the 2nd Booster Pack's Pull Rates and Specifications

I will explain the pull rate and specifications of the 2nd Booster Pack in an easy-to-understand comparison to the 1st Booster Pack.

Regular Booster Pack

The ★★★★ Uber Rare, which only appeared in 1 out of 4 boxes in Set 1, now has a pull rate of 1 per box. Its four times easier to pull Uber Rares!

In line with that, Set 1 had 8 ★★★★ per box, but Set 2 will have 7 normal ★★★★ and 1 Uber Rare ★★★★ per box.

The pull rate for ★★★ Uber Rares was 1 out of 12 boxes in Set 1, but in Set 2 it will have a pull rate of 1 per 4 boxes, so its three times easier to pull! There were 4 different ★★★ Uber Rares in Set 1, but there will be 9 different ones in Set 2.

Also, the box topper Legend Card has been removed. Its a little harder to pull Legend Cards, but the number of Legend Cards has decreased from the previous 6 (excluding Secrets) to 4. This is because you only need 1 copy of a Legend, and you can only run 2, so if it becomes too easy to get, we judged that its asset value would drop.

High Rarity Pack

A greatly improved deal!

1. ★★★★ would be pulled 15 times per box in Set 1, but in Set 2 you will pull 18 per box.

2. ★★★ would be pulled 22 times per box in Set 1, but in Set 2 you will pull 29 per box.

As with the 1st Booster Pack, the High Rarity Pack uses different card frames for the higher rarity cards.

In addition, just as in the 1st Booster Pack, the Uber Rare versions of ★★★ and ★★★★ cards cannot be pulled from the High Rarity Pack, and Legend Rare cards will come in an Uber Rare version that does not appear in the normal booster pack.

Lastly, this time around, the card processing will be more luxurious and the colouring and such will be adjusted so that it is easier to see.

The 2nd Booster Pack of Gate Ruler will come out on March 25th. Due to production issues, the amount produced in the 1st print run had to be decreased significantly. Please make sure to place a reservation at a store near you.


As one final note from the Gate Realize staff, apologies for us falling behind on card reveal coverage. We are currently working on a big catch-up article, and after that we will return to regular coverage.