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Lucifer, the Lightbringer

Illustrated by 弥生しろ



Card Type:

Level 4 Unit


OWL, Demon Lord, Reginleif


ATK: 5 / HP: 5 / STK: 2


Discount: If you're playing this from your hand, you may [Put 1 card from your hand on the bottom of your deck.] to instead pay a cost of 2 to play this.
Sentinel Summoning, Enhance: OWL or Reginleif, Charge Shield
■ When this enters play, deal 5 damage to all units. This damage cannot be reduced.
■ Instant Action: [DR2] Turn 1 - Choose 1 of your resources and ready it.

The arrival of the goodwill ambassador from the Ark took everyone by surprise, as his name was one that they were all too familiar with...