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Zahira, Nature's Emissary

Illustrated by 弥生しろ



Card Type:

Level 2 Unit


Earth, Mage


ATK: 1 / HP: 2 / STK: 0


Choose 1 Beast unit of level 1 or less in your graveyard and special summon it. At the end of your main phase, put it into the graveyard.
■ When this is discarded from your hand during your main phase, you may special summon it.
Abyssal Summoning - Standard Action: Put this into your graveyard. If you do, you may special summon a unit with Abyssal Concerto from your graveyard by fulfilling its requirements.
Genesis Summoning - Standard Action: Put this and 1 or more allied Mage, Beast, or Dragon units on the bottom of their owners' decks as materials. If you do, you may special summon 1 Beast unit from your deck with a level equal to or less than the combined level of the materials.

Even within these lands befouled by the presence of the fell dragon's stronghold, life continues to take root and thrive.