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Starter Deck 3 & 4 Update

Posted on 26th March, 2021 at 11:38am CST
As mentioned in our previous article, there was an issue with Starter Deck 3 where only 1 copy of "Golden Sword" is included, so you will only get 2 copies even if you buy 2 Starter Decks.

It was also discovered that there was an issue with Starter Deck 4, where the Level Total in the base deck of 52, so it would be illegal to play with the included Apprentice. Though, it should be noted that this deck comes with both Apprentice and Knight.

About 12 hours ago there was an an initial statement on the official twitter, explaining the design intent behind these. In summary, it says that the flow of the prebuilt deck was prioritized, so an expensive and difficult to use card like Golden Sword was only included at 1 copy. For the Zombie deck, it was explained that the version of the deck with 1 Starter Deck was only intended to be used with Knight, and Apprentice was included for when you buy 2 copies and split it into a Military deck and a Zombie deck.

An hour after that a follow-up statement was made, apologizing for the situation and explaining that to fix this issue, there will be a Promo distribution of Golden Sword as well as a new card for the Zombie deck, that is planned to start within April.

Ideally, this promo release will be packed in with the English release of the Starter Decks, so that we won't have a repeat of this situation.

One last note on this situation, just a bit of personal speculation. Given that its clear from the 1st statement that the decks being this way was intentional for whoever made the final lists, and Ikeda's quickly deleted apology where he said he didn't know Golden Sword was only at 1 copy in the final release, our speculation that the apology was deleted to avoid shifting the blame seems much more likely. Given the information we have, it certainly seems like this situation was the fault of someone at Daiyu other than Ikeda.