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[GB03] Dun Stallion the Space Pegasus

Posted on 12th October, 2021 at 11:31am CST
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The Japanese daily twitter reveal for October 12th, is a new ★ Wonderverse unit, Dun Stallion the Space Pegasus.


The English reveal for October 11th is the previously revealed Yomajin Front ★★★, Zetsuya, Master Onmyoji. The next ★★★ slot, 064, is currently unrevealed, so today's English reveal is likely to be a new card.


The Japanese reveal for October 11th is the same card revealed in English on October 10th, Autonomous Patrol Sky Trooper "Seiran". This card was discussed in more detail in a previous article.



Dun Stallion the Space Pegasus marks the first card to interact with the Cosmic Relic attribute, making it newly relevant in card evaluation, though its restricted to the more limited cardpool of units that also have the Roboticattribute. That said, the special summon is very expensive and late game, and very easy for your opponent to stop, but should you manage to get it off, its very powerful.

Currently the units this can special summon are:
  • Galactic Swordmaster Goldizer
  • Space King Arthur of Cosmo-Camelot
  • Galactic Swordmaster Granmezzer
  • Space Knight Lancelot of Cosmo-Camelot

    Of these, the best targets are Galactic Swordmaster Goldizer, for its big 4 STK swing, or Space Knight Lancelot of Cosmo-Camelot, for good field clearing with Charge Shield protection.

    Galactic Swordmaster Granmezzer will generally be a worse Galactic Swordmaster Goldizer, since Dun Stallion the Space Pegasus isn't a Robotic itself, and given everything else you need to go right to activate this ability, trying to get another Robotic on board for the turn you use this is probably asking for a bit much.

    Space King Arthur of Cosmo-Camelot on the other hand gets most of its value out of its set ability, and as a unit has very little over Space Knight Lancelot of Cosmo-Camelot, who gets the same Double Attack with just 1 less ATK, as well as having 1 STK and Charge Shield.

    Lastly we have Dun Stallion the Space Pegasus's 2nd ability which is a niche little ability that allows you to summon Space King Arthur of Cosmo-Camelot after its been set. This probably won't be very relevant, but its a nice little bonus in case Arthur has been sitting there for a while and you'd rather have it on board, particularly in Drive Rulers. There's also the possibility that we get more Space King Arthurs in the future and if, for example, one had Forced Concealment, this would allow you to cheat it out as a unit instead of waiting for whatever condition that card has.
  • Edited by HunterSerge on 12th October, 2021 at 11:32am CST