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Force Cards: Set 6 new mechanic

Posted on 2nd May, 2023 at 2:23am CST

Today a new card type / a new mechanic was shown that's going to be introduced in set 6 - Force. It's a new card type that can be placed into your resource zone, increasing the amount of high-cost cards you are able to play by a mile.

The very first Force card was just revealed, so please take a look at it. Do note that this is a pre-production text and may be changed by the full release.

Here are the provisional rules for forces:
1. When you are about to ready your resources by your ruler's "Start of Turn" action, you are able to ready force cards. However, the total number of resources you can ready stays the same. For example, if you're playing as Knight, and you have 3 resources and 2 force cards, you can only ready for a total of 2 from among them.
2. During your main phase, you may put force cards from your hand or drive zone into your resource zone readied. This action doesn't use the gate, and there's no limit to how many force cards you can put into your resource zone.
3. If you drive a force card outside of your "Start of Turn" action or your main phase, you may immediately put it in your resource zone.
4. When you play a force card via a card's effect (for example, with Schrödinger's Cat), put that force card to your resource zone.
5. Rulers that have "Treat all cards you play as if you paid the cost for them." Modifier will be changed so that they have no resource zone, therefore they cannot put force cards into the resource zone.
6. If you are a ruler with no resource zone, you cannot choose to play a force card via a card effect, since force cards are "unplayable" for this type of ruler.
7. Force cards cannot be set.

Set 6 Force information:
1. Every faction will get 1 force card.
2. Every faction has units that can put force cards directly from your deck to resource zone exhausted via their "when enters play" effect or CNT. (Wonderverse unit is a little different.)
Edited by Orenji_Reiji on 2nd May, 2023 at 2:26am CST