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Affordability & Color Playstyles

Posted on 11th September, 2020 at 10:33pm CST
We've been busy the last few days, and in that time more than 10 new artworks and tons of comments from Ikeda have been released, so let's dive right into it!

First up, an important follow-up to our previous article. Shortly after the article was published, Ikeda made a new tweet explaining why the previous tweet was deleted:

"There are a number of people who say the flower of TCG is Special Summon! I agree!
Like how in Yu-Gi-Oh! you have Synchro Summon, Ritual Summon, and Gate Ruler there are multiple kinds of Special Summon. (Don't worry, they are not difficult and there is no Extra Deck)

"Demon Dragon, Viola Fluvdus" is a trump card that wipes out the enemy's field when played via Abyss Summon (Abyss Symphony).

The Viola I posted by mistake yesterday had a different artwork that I plan to use for an alternate print. This art will be used in the normal print."

(Sources: 1 2)

Interestingly, this seems to confirm alternate art cards in vanity rarities, or at the very least Promo reprints with different art.

Also, we would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone of this card effect that we were shown from what seemed like a card design spreadsheet quite a while ago, since its relevant to this new information on the Special Summon mechanic, along with our translator's notes:

Red Dragon, Crimson Syltis
Unit / Volnar / Dragon / Fire
Level 2 / Attack 4 / HP 5 / Strike 2
When Special Summoned with [Creational (?) Summon], choose 1 enemy Unit and deal 3 damage to it.

Special Summon is the same exact term from Yugioh
Also "Creation" is Sosei as in "Shisha Sosei" aka Monster Reborn from YGO, so it might also be "Reborn/Rebirth Summon" when localized.

Next, Ikeda talked a lot about the plans to keep Gate Ruler affordable.

"There is certainly demand for a TCG that you can enjoy without spending much money. Gate Ruler would like to provide that.

However, on the contrary, those who want to spend a lot of money need to be rewarded in some way so that the money doesn't feel wasted. That can be provided separately from the game." (Source)

"For example, a simple method would be, if you give all cards a foil printing, players who want to spend a lot of money can make their entire deck shine. On the contrary, those who want to play cheaply can sell their foil cards.

I think we can provide other services for people who want to spend money in TCGs, such as allowing ultra high-end users to design cards. The natural information gap can be solved by publishing the card design online.

That high-end user can achieve the dream of making their own card." (Sources: 1 2)

To be clear; it does not seem like this is something Gate Ruler *will* do, but instead an idea of a way to reward players who are willing to spend more.

Ikeda also touched on his intent to keep Gate Ruler approachable:

"Gate Ruler will be a Card Game that new players can easily start even one year after release! I promise that we will be waiting for students and new members of society." (Source)

These last few days, Tori, a Card Kingdom manager has also started posting Gate Ruler artwork to spread the game to more people. Due to that, the previously shown art of White Bone Princess was revealed to be the work of lack, a popular artist for Cardfight!! Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight. (Source)

Tori also posted this art of a new unit from Volnar, "Gwibel of Velz". Tori posted another unit alongside that one but we'll talk about it a bit later. (Source)

Also posted by Tori were those new Yomajin Front arts.

"Divine Possession"

"The Nature of Cherry Blossoms" (Source)

Tori also posted this art, but we're going to talk about a tweet Ikeda made about it, since he commented on what sort of card design it will have:

"This is "Thousand-Year Cherry Tree", which was shown to the public by Tori the other day.
It will be top class among the Yomajin Front Event cards. It is a card like Hogan Blaster. What is buried under the cherry blossoms......
Being a high rarity card, it will be a luxurious card with foil separated for each part in the full art frame." (Source)

Next up, Ikeda reveals a new unit's artwork and setting from Wonderverse!

"New Gate Ruler illustration released
Wonderverse Unit, "Universal Robo, Pojimu"

This robot is the partner of Master Future Ed, a popular character as one of Wonderverse's leading characters.
Two aliens, an earthling, and a female paparazzi photographer begin a peaceful(?) adventure life in space." (Sources: 1 2)

Here's an observation one of our team members had:

"Its name in katakana is "Pojimu"
Its posture is like it's scratching its head, asking itself questions, more specifically a question "Why"
"Why" in Russian is "Почему" (sounds like "Pohcheemu")
"Почему" and "Pojimu" sounds veeeery similar, especially from japanese side
Is Ikeda making russian references?"

Ikeda also talked about a new ATLAS unit's artwork and setting:

"New Gate Ruler illustration
ATLAS Unit, "Daring Trooper"

As you can imagine, its a small unit, but its been a very popular card. After all, its a unit that can recover the cost of using it.
Don't worry! It has a once per turn limit!" (Source)

Also, Ikeda revealed and talked about the card featuring the Destiny Sword that is a focal point of the lore!

"Exvader Event card "Destiny Sword"

The scenery seen is from around Arakawa and the place where it is stuck is around Yoyogi Park.
That it looks like long is it?

The effect is like Terror Pit! You will use it. But what about the Exvader cards...?" (Source)

And last up for our tweet coverage today, we have a new Wonderverse unit:

"New Gate Ruler illustration released
Wonderverse unit "Id Tiger"

Its the work of TAKUMI, who also drew "Black Kappa, Genkuro". The energy lifeform "Id Monster" that appears in the classic science fiction movie "Forbidden Planet". It is a homage to that setting.

"Fear and anger give birth to beasts. Call, Tiger, Tiger! You are the one who calls the tiger."

Of course, since it is a tiger, I would like to pay my respects by including an element from another classic work of science fiction, so I could not neglect from putting "Tiger, Tiger!" in the flavor text and effect name. (The Stars My Destination)" (Sources: 1 2)

This week, Ikeda gave a ton of information and artwork to Japanese blog, You can check out the article here. We will be translating all the new information, but there's a lot, so buckle up.

"Gate Ruler was created as a TCG for people who grew up with Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh! can enjoy with their friends now after becoming adults. Both Duel Masters and Yu-Gi-Oh! are great, and its good that they are as they always were, but they are still designed for children. To be honest, working people often have the feeling that the illustrations and worldview are not good enough to get back into. (again, its for kids)

Shin Godzilla was reassessed because it was remade entirely for the working person. Gate Ruler is such a TCG.

It is not a "character good" TCG that is based on an anime or manga. It is purely based in the original contents of the TCG, like Magic: the Gathering and Duel Masters. It is a collection of the cool and beautiful things from Japanese anime and manga that adults can enjoy."

"Yomajin Front is a faction that will have lots of combat tricks. It is a faction that is good at defense and ambushes."

""Nature of Cherry Blossoms" is an artwork borrowed from Shie Nanahara. It will be one of the Yomajin Front's high rarity cards. I am confident that when this fantastic painting is fit into a frame it will become even tighter. However, trading cards with this kind of taste are rare, so I'm really looking forward to see what happens!"

"Kamaitachi Joe

In Tokyo, dimensional faults caused by the Exvaders occur almost every night. It is the role of the youkai to find it and repel the enemy until a Gate Ruler arrives to close the fault.
Please forgive the ridiculousness of the name, its the sensibilities of the youkai."

"Giant Corpse Armor, Gashadokuro

In Gate Ruler, the youkai are a reassuring ally of mankind.
Gashadokuro is a powerful giant youkai on its own, but the Yomajin Front noticed the affinity between youkai and machines (because most of the Japanese youkai are Tsukumogami) and created this skeleton armor.
The youkai, Gashadokuro, turns into red magical energy and possesses the machine body to gain immense power.
However, its greatest source of power is the prayer of the people who support Gashadokuro.
"The voices of people's prayers echo like ripples. The huge body has responded by standing up.""

"Captain Omyger

Hasegawa Yuichi, a manga artist famous for for "Crossbone Gundam" and "Maps" will be providing artwork for Gate Ruler!

Captain Omyger was originally the main character of a one-shot short story, but later became the main character of Hasegawa Yuichi's Hero Crossline. Its also an e-book, so please read it. Its funny from the start and the ending is touching."

A short note on this one, the Beta card we'd seen with Captain Omyger's art implied it was a Wonderverse card, but it is listed under Yomajin Front in this article.

"Late-night Police Officer, Yobuko

The youkai are people who asked for the return of a peaceful, dark night city. The governor of Tokyo responded with a planned power outage. Therefore, the youkai protect the city at night. When they discover a dimensional fault, they are to call for their comrades and the human army and buy time for the Gate Ruler to arrive.

Yobuko was not originally a powerful youkai, but with Rakshasa's sword, he became more active than normal youkais.

I had him drawn with the concept of the protagonist of a boys youkai manga."

"Dragon-type Prototype Battle Weapon "Honoikazuchi"

This is the first weapon that has officially adopted the Ifrit engine, completed by the Japanese army with the assistance of Volnar's magical techology. It is deployed in metropolitan areas to counter large invading forces.

Since it moves with the power of an unwilling spirit, it developed a limited consciousness and its movement is stable. When it is time to deploy, a large ceremony is held at the shrine."

"Raguo the Ushi-oni

Its a real youkai. Until now, the youkai called Ushi-oni wasn't seen as being cool, but in reality it has a large range of freedom in its design, so I was aware it was a monster that could be turned into a series. (Its the same idea as what we did with "Death Ruler" in Buddyfight)

This Raguo is the most basic Ushi-oni, and I have commissioned it from a talented illustrator. This will be the basis for a series in the future. You will be surprised be the variety in the designs. Even I was surprised.

By the way, the illustrator for this card, Shiro Ono, the official character designer for "Samurai Shodown", drew "Tempest, Garo-oh", "Sky Ninja, Yamigarasu" and more in Future Card Buddyfight! Skull Warrior fans, please look forward to the youkai series!"

We encourage our readers to refresh their memory on more Buddyfight art from Shiro Ono here.

"All Things Must Die

This artwork is being revealed for the first time here. It is an Event card for Yomajin Front, that acts as an emergency reversal, and will be a deadly card in Unit battles."

"Moment of Offense and Defense

A clash between "Kamaitachi Joe" and "Jack the Ripper". This is an Event card in the Yomajin Front that gives a target unit "first strike". It is a powerful surprisal card. Kamijo Roro, a popular artist who drew this illustration, seems to have been very enthusiastic about this drawing!"

The mention of "first strike" here is most likely a reference to the Magic: the Gathering keyword, that allows a creature to deal damage to an opposing unit before the opposing unit deals damage back, allowing it to avoid taking damage if it is strong enough to destroy the opposing unit.

"ATLAS is a faction that will have many cards and effects that deal damage, and it will be a complex and difficult to play faction meant for experienced TCG players."

"Champ Tiger

An incision captain of Wild Force. He is a loose cannon who defies orders, but on the other hand, he is the repeat winner of the "Anchor Hero Award" which is sent to those who rescue their comrades."

"Rampart Elephant

A unit of ATLAS, from the Wild Force. After it attacks, it has the "vigilance" ability that can be used for defense, and also has the ability to increase its own HP. In other words, its very strong."

Once again, when Ikeda says "vigilance" he seems to be referencing the Magic the Gathering keyword, which allows a creature to stand itself at the end of the player's turn, allowing it to block even if it attacked. That would seem to imply a blocker mechanic in Gate Ruler, in addition to the already revealed detail that the center unit must be destroyed to attack the player. Perhaps the center unit is what you have to deal with, but units on the side will have the ability to block attacks if they are standing?

"Bullseye Wolf

A member of Wild Force. Its an easy to use, easy to understand card that deals damage when it enters the field, and its a powerful card that is essential to Wild Force decks, but it is set to a low rarity!"

"Sergeant Major of the Army, Busterkong

The Captain of the Wild Force, which shatters fields with its powerful effect. It is an absurd power card, that can do the work of 3 bodies with just its 1. Its the card I'm most worried about, "Maybe I overdid it?" (lol)
Well, it doesn't disrupt the game balance, but it is very powerful. Seriously......
Its weakness is it has low HP, so if your opponent has a damaging effect it can be dealt with before it can be useful."

"Intelligence Agent, Becky

"When everyone on Earth has to cooperate, you create a Nazi revival, are you stupid?!"
She is the one who speaks the truth in flavor texts often, a very talented intelligence agent......but as a result, she always destroys the enemy organization and escapes somehow, so she is thought of as a saboteur.

In terms of her card, it is tricky and counter-like. It is a unit for experienced TCG players."

"Big Owl

Commander of the Wild Force. He can't ever skip on his stomach medicine, because the Wild Force is so crazy. In terms of his card, he has the effect of drawing cards that everyone loves."

"Volnar is one of the other worlds that has been fighting the Exvaders for over 100 years. In terms of gameplay, it is a combo heavy deck that uses many Special Summons and uses several races in combination."

"Magvarius, Dragon Lord of Inferno

Takayama Toshiaki's dragon. Its an illustration that can be said to be the face of Gate Ruler. Only announced here, this unit will be a Legend Card that you can only run 1 copy of. Its like Yu-Gi-Oh's Limited cards. For that reason, its has the power level of a prohibited card from the beginning. It will be able to produce a tremendous reversal play!

That's right, we are making that kind of intentionally produced prohibited card because I feel the good point of Yu-Gi-Oh's Limited cards is how exciting it is when you draw those cards."

"Demon Dragon, Viola Fluvdus

It can be played normally, but it is a trump card that will show its true power only when it is played by Volnar's unique Special Summon rule "Abyss Summon (Abyss Symphony)".
It has the powerful effect to wipe out the opponent's field when summoned. In the first set environment, this will be an archetype."

"Black Knight, Dister

The evil knights of Volnar, Black Knights, are always seen alongside the evil dragons. There may be a special bond between them, who both were originally lone wolves.

In terms of gameplay, it will play an important role as an ordinarily strong unit that supports the battlefield until the "Abyss Summon" combo can be completed. On top of that, its presence in the graveyard itself sets the stage for completing the "Abyss Summon"."

"Sky King, Aras

This is an illustration borrowed from Force of Will. I loved the atmosphere in the shot. As a card, it will be a medium sized unit that can be used for offense and defense."

"Wonderverse is a deck that will have many strong individual cards, you can fight with straightforward power or use tricky combos.

Its an army where you can enjoy "playing games" such as making theme decks around evil organizations, but at the same time, it has a lot of straightforward power."

"Space Dullahan

The Wonderverse is generally a "stupid universe" that is an easy-going, crazy paradise. You might be told "What is Space Dullahan?" but this is for the best. Mars has a Martian Orc, and Space Sargasso has a space kraken. There is also a space youkai called "Galaxy Ittan-momen" and a hero called "Knight of the Round Table, Space Arthur".

Let's come up with many things. It doesn't matter, but I want Space Dullahan to say "come here!"."

"As for Exvader, everything is still a mystery."

Last up, we have another reveal given to a creator! This was given to a Youtube channel called NOBOSAN. Please be sure to go check out their video.

"A Volnar unit card, "Monster Wolverine". Although it looks like a normal monster, it is a card that is thought to be in the starting line-up for the deck type "Peace Topito" which boasts high power and comes into play with a CNT effect. Its kind of like a Trigger creature. In other words, it feels like the mainstay of "Trigger Beat", which built an era in Duel Masters Plays. Its rarity is "Rare", which is fairly easy to obtain, and has the power to be used in various beatdown decks of the type that continually attack. I think that this is a card you will see often!"
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