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Erratas due to rule changes

Posted on 26th January, 2023 at 4:54am CST
If you've read our previous article, you know that some changes were made to the comprehensive rules of the game. That article only goes over the changes made to damage application, but there were a few more minor changes made to the rules, and because of them some old cards needed erratas as well, plus some fixes to adapt previously inconsistent syntax to the current format.

"Just a Flesh Wound" receives an errata once again. Now that there is no damage resolution process in the game, this card's effect now looks like this:
Timing: You can set this card. If set, you can play it when an allied unit is dealt damage.
■ Choose 1 allied unit. That unit ignores the next damage it's dealt.

And yes, with this new text this card does indeed counters Lucifer once again.

"Ascendant's Wrath" was confusing to use, since you can't play this card if there are no enemy units, but the sentence order doesn't really make it clear. Its updated wording makes it much more easy to understand, as well as buffs it.
Timing: Instant Action
■ Choose 1 enemy unit and deal 2 damage to it. Reduce the next effect damage dealt to allied units to 0.

That's right, now it can reduce to 0 even damage to multiple units, if that damage is coming from one source!

A very minor change to Gouma, but it makes it clear that this is a replacement effect, and not an automatic one that's played and put on the gate.
■ When another allied {Military or Robotic} unit would be dealt damage, you may redirect all of that damage to this unit instead.

All Melror, Reclusive Demon Lord, Front-line Mage Archietta, and Unforgotten Oaths have a common effect that makes your summon cap become 3. It was decided that all of these effects now become:
your summon cap is increased by 1.

This change is actually the biggest one in this batch. If you are able to use multiple cards at the same time or in the same turn, you can increase your summon cap by a lot. While Melror and Archietta already seen some play in a few decks, Unforgotten Oaths wasn't played at all. But now, if you have 4 of these in play, you have a summon cap of 6 every turn! Very curious to see how it impacts the power level of Wizards that use ATLAS.

The Bronze Star is the only card in the list that is simply nerfed by making its text look like as intented. With its original text, you don't need to send an allied unit to the graveyard in order to resolve the rest of the card.
■ If it’s currently your attack phase, put 1 allied Military unit of level 2 or less into the graveyard. If you do, special summon 1 Military unit of an equal level or less from your damage zone. Then put this card into your damage zone and draw 1 card.

Invading Martians also receive a slight buff. With their original texts, they only destroy cards currently in play, and if your opponent, for example, use Sentinel Summoning and replace their whole field with new units, those units wouldn't be destroyed, since they were not selected when this ability was played. Now it just destroys everything on resolution without targeting.
If you have 2 or more allied Space Peeps units, choose one from the following.
- Destroy all enemy units.
- Destroy all enemy set cards.

Lady Megabot of the Grail is the last card in this errata list and got a similar change to Gouma, simply adding a word "instead" at the end of the text, to futher emphasize that this is a replacement effect.
■ As this would be destroyed while in a set zone, special summon it instead.
Edited by Orenji_Reiji on 26th January, 2023 at 5:21am CST